Hosting & Support

Online backups are available.

Reliable web hosting & technical support at competitive rates.

Glacier Cove is committed to retaining your full trust and future business. We ensure that your online software performs as reliably as possible. Online backups are available, with the option to receive backups of your database applications via email attachments.

A web hosting service provider provides the technologies and services needed for a website or to be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted (or stored) on special computers called servers.

•  A company’s choice of logo and how they brand themselves and their products and services has a large and lasting impact on how the company is perceived.

•  A great logo essentially boils down to two things: great concept and great execution.

•  At Glacier Cove, our mission is to make your logo immediately recognizable – inspiring trust, admiration and loyalty.

•  We’ll help set you aside from your competition and create a recognizable, unique brand that reflects your corporate culture.